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::: 仔雅連合 :::
How to read 仔雅連合 is komiyavi rengo.
komiyavi means miyavi fan.
rengo means alliance.
仔雅連合=miyavi aliance
(There is komiyavi rengo in a formula as a miyavi fan club in RL)

Do you know miyavi?

I made a group in SL.
Its name "I am KOMIYAVI" so anyone can participate in this... search me!

I want to send the newest information of miyavi to the world miyavi fan from Japan.
New activity... and a fashion of miyavi. ...miyavi of a new magazine ...aaargh

And I sometimes repair a Japanese text of miyavi with English and will explain it for other fan :)

This is komiyavism ;D heh


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Oh noo!! He reminds me Hide and X-japan! >3<

I still enjoying SL :3

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