devil of a sleep

I got an evil spirit of a sleep somehow or other.
A very sleepy day continues recently.

It seems that it is because IRL and ISL are busy.

I was in the middle of playing SL and dozed off many times.

And my shop in KABUKI was completed, too.

Oh! This collapses very much and is cute! ...lol
I thank for cooperation of shizuna and NOMURA.

And my article was put in P.I.L.

Gentleness of Hern always impresses me.

I really thanks.

They are my pride.


The place where my article is put in now

--->ElecTRonica & ElecTRo Kitty(Main) @ikebukuro


--->Shizna&Elec-MistletoeShop@ Osaka


--->ElecTRo Kitty @KABUKI


--->ElecTRo Kitty Boots - >P.I.L HQ<


--->ETR @Metabirds


--->ETRK @Neko Oasis



Ok... I go sleep :) Have a nice day!

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