I want...

I really want Acoustic-Electric Guitar!!!!

I played the piano from 3 years old
and played the guitar from a primary schoolchild.

I did band activity with an adult outside without going to a junior high school.
And I did not take an entrance examination for a senior high school and worked as a guitarist for a while in a certain band.
I had seven guitars and bass guitars at that time.

At the age of a child, I got the first guitar from an older brother.
I worked every day to buy a guitar.
I bought Gibson-JR.
Fender... Firebird.... And ancient guitar without a name. etc...
Gibson SG of the curio which I obtained by transfer from father.

I have got tired of a guitarist and showLIVE in the teens.
Then I played in Sampler,DTM and DJ,and Dance,and Sk8...

But, I did not have only a certain guitar.
It is Acoustic-Electric Guitar...

I may love a guitar once again if I obtain it... X)

And I will put New Stuff in a main store today or tomorrow :3

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