making now...

My work is performed in a load-carrying platform of a truck. In this case is English of "load-carrying platform of a truck" right?

I am in the middle of making new stuff now.
I do not yet say what it is.
MnM Design (the person who made cat eyes) of a friend is going to make the same thing.
And they will be put in a shop as a version difference each.

I want to make the thing which grew up than before a little.
Therefore I thinks it takes some time to completion.
It has 50% now.
Coming soon.... :D
友達へ---> 作業に集中したい為,MAP表示を切っている時があります:D

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Ru-る さんのコメント...

Your English is better than my Japanese. I'm still a student.

For the "load bearing platform of a truck," it is not wrong. But more often, we call this back of the truck "the truck's bed."

I don't know why it is called "the truck's bed." It isn't soft. 笑 Maybe it is because it is shaped like a child's bed?

Your shop is very fun! Please continue to work hard and make amazing things.

I still enjoying SL :3

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