[New] Cat eyes,Hair,Belt

There is cateye of MnM Design to make odd eye.
I waited impatiently for this :D
And red hair. I thought of the sweet devil and made this.
And...I made kotori belt for adults.
I knew that Neko of an adult ate a bird.

I put three new stuff in a shop today.

I made red hair of NEOKI.
And Adult size of Kotori Belt.
This was a demand from guys both.

and Visitor that enabled sale of cateyes.
Thank you.
I kicked buttocks of a friend and hurried up sale. XD hehe
Cateyes which a function was in will be sold on other days.

By the way...

I made the group which sent news of ElecTRo Kitty for guys.
You can take news earlier than this blog when you enter this.
Both this stuff and this group were made by a voice of a visitor.
I really thank you about it.

Next, I will make Hair NEOKI(color:white) and other new stuff.
Then I want to make new hair.
But I'm not a hair craftsman!

I am mere Neko :3 *mew*

ElecTRo Kittyのお知らせを受け取るためのグループを作りました.

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