[NEW SALE] Neko Boots

A foot of a cat is slender and is cute.
But it is more cute because the tip is round.
Gray Black & Rusty White

I wanted boots of a cat.
It does not mean a foot of a cat such as Furry.
I just hope It had to do form of a foot of a cat with normal boots.

I hear electronica and hip-hop willingly now.
But I had the time to love PUNK.
I really liked PUNK. And I traveled in the U.K. at that time.
But both John Lydon and Kurt Cobain were absent x)

This boots remembered my sense at that time and made it.
Cat is very soft, but cat is good at "an antipathy".

They are all right even if they do "antipathy".
The reason is because after all a cat is loved :) you know?

A price is 180L$. (copy/mod/no trans)
I know that you hate it in too many people having the same thing.

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