[New] Sweet Arm Belt

Do you love somebody?
I do not yet know love.

wow!!! I made a mistake in spelling of "Trans"...I noticed it now.LOL
What is it?

I don't care :D
*You please test DEMO. and Check size.
Because I am not Girl. I am boy.

A price is 100L$
Can Mod/No Copy/Can Trans
>Love Your kitty(For Oneself)
>I'm Your kitty(For Gift)
>My Sweet Kitty(For Gift)

I send the earliest latest news in a certain group "ElecTRo Kitty" in SL.
一人用のメッセージは自分用の為に作りました( ~ロ~)
SL内にあるグループ「ElecTRo Kitty」では一番早い,新作のお知らせをお届けしています.
Thank you My Friend ;_;

This is face Brecelet...and SMILE, and FISH.

This Brecelet name is "arigato"

I want to say "arigato" to you.

I withdrew from a certain group.

I got a present of encouragement from a friend.

She has splendid technology and sense.

I got a nice present of a lot.

But this present stole my smile and tears.

Thank you. ARIGATO :3

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I still enjoying SL :3

I'm playing with anime avatar. My avatar has been mechanical and devilish from a long time ago. so Anime avatar will fit it. Recen...