[Now on sale] Kotori Belt

Your food says "piyo piyo"

Oneself & Gift

Kotori is a meaning of "small bird" in Japanese.

If you pick at the buckle which a small bird is in,

you can confirm survival of a small bird :)

But you can't eat a small bird.

Because You spend long time with a small bird.
And a small bird of you become friend.
Or do you satisfy hunger than taking good care of a friend?

An answer about it of me is a secret... X)

A price is 120L$.
For Oneself(mod/copy/no trans), For Gift(mod/no copy/trans)

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i got KEMONO av!!

 soooo cute... x) KEMONO av  and ANIME av  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ja-JP/stores/44810 by <UTILIZATOR> ...