Monthter has come

I can be really various this month. ISL and IRL.

Japan is spring now.
Various encounters and parting come over every year for my spring.
I am weak in spring X)
( I love summer!)

-------> about IRL...

The family had a big problem this month.
I change a house this month.

I must change work this month.
I said good-bye to a lover this month.
...This month...This month...month...

Ooh! Is English of "month" brother of English of "monster"?

wow!! This is my new English :D
You may use this new English... Are not you necessary? OK I know X)

These do not have relevance.
these events in the generated totally just same time.

And...I got Acoustic-Electric Guitar today ;)
I am lucky.

-----> about ISL...
Participation to three plans. This is almost a secret :D
and I made clothes for the first time today.
yeah...This was totally bad. Therefore I cannot show you. ( >3<)=3

And I made hair yesterday.
Mmm. Long hair for men is difficult.
There may be my this month to practice it.
About a new work, please wait a little more :)

A good day visit all people.

-----For japanese----

2 件のコメント:

Ru-る さんのコメント...

(In English, "month" was the daughter of ancient German word "moon.")

But I think "monthter" is a fun word, too. "Th" sound and "s" sound are similar, huh? I like your new English XD

(I made new Japanese, too. コーヒー+元気=コーヘンキ. It's for when you drink lots of coffee and become very lively. I bet it's strange!)

Good luck with both RL and SL, Elec! :3

Elec さんのコメント...

Ooh!! Rudra. really?
moon & month had cute episode... X)
Thank you for your teaching.

and I knew ru-る.Your being Rudra.
I understood it for the first time now.

Your new japanese! コーヘンキ X)
I think...Your brain is superior.
I use this words from now on.
I am "ko-henki" today.hehe

Thank you too,Have a goice day Rudra :D
(goice=good+nice...Mmm Im goice!)

I still enjoying SL :3

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