My shop

This is existence... This is not existence...
There are these on the same line.
This is one of the words in Pajna-para-mita sutra.
When writes it in Japanese,"般若心経"

I broke a shop.
I loved ghetto shop of Noam.
But, articles increased and were not able to put it in ghetto shop.

It is not his ghetto shop that I broke.
I cannot break a genuine ghetto shop because I respect him.
and Because I become sad.
Maybe I am weak X)

And the prim is decreased.
I freed an article forth. This is not favorite ways.
I have to think after... :)

And I put a pillow of pillow talk here.

These are really cute.

If you come to my shop, please love this white cat :D

Surely you can feel gentle.

By the way...The today's clothes which I wear are work of SiniStyle.

jacket...This call name is Foody?Hoody?...mmm I am poor!blush X)

and a glove and boots.

About a glove, I bought different colors X) so really cool! I love this SiniStyle.

And boots have a cool secret... hehe

Next New stuff plans a belt and hair.

Have a good time everyone ^.^ and enjoy SL & RL!

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Noam さんのコメント...

Elec, you're adorable

Elec さんのコメント...

Ooh...Thank you Noam :O *blush*

It is you that gave comment to my blog for the first time.

Only by words of Noam, I can eat 100 bread which I do not season.
In other words You are adorable of universal :)

I still enjoying SL :3

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