[NEW] Elec Hair "KIMINI"

I do not prayer to a star.
I prayer to you

I made this while listening to music of "KIMI NI NEGAI WO(prayer to you)" of MIYAVI.
I translated one part of his song into English. It is next...

I say that there is not God.
I do not need God.
When you became a star, I promised so.
I live to your share.
Because you live in my heart.

Therefore I do not prayer to a star.
I prayer to you.

I do not understand whether my English is right X)
And This song has sorrow.But he encourages oneself and sings that I strongly live.

Does your country have a custom to pray to a star for?
When life of a person is over, there is an opinion that it becomes a star.
Therefore he prays to the person who loved it without praying to a star.
I am the feeling that is ennui a little X)

This Hair name is "KIMINI"
"KIMINI" is a meaning in English of "to you".
(KIMI=you, NI=to)
I was going to make hair of MIYAVI. But his hair shows a human ear.
It was not hair of MIYAVI when I made hair for Neko.

[Hair-KIMINI] A price is 100L
Four kinds of colors
>Darling Black
>Devily Red
>Impulsive Blue
>Raphaela White
can mod/can copy/no trans

Please test DEMO before buying it.
(Because my prim is coarse yet ;_;)

I always thank you.


I watched a case of the American Virginia University in TV yesterday.
I do not understand what I should have said about it.
The pains that cannot escape from it throughout the life.
I cry or push the reality away... yeah, I cry a little now X(

A stronger heart is necessary for me.
But does peace visit you if I have a strong heart?

I pray them soul may rest in peace.
And so that their important people have a good day.
And to you who read here.
(I want to give you pleasure. But I may give you sorrow today.I'm sorry!)

-----For japanese----


7 件のコメント:

Ru-る さんのコメント...

”きみに願いを”はとても涙ぐましいね。I don't know the phrase "涙ぐましい" very well. I mean to say that Miyavi's song is very painful but very touching. I enjoy it so much.

We also have the tradition of "to wish upon a star" or to pray to the stars. Even across oceans and cultures, music can connect us. :3

I really like this hair, Elec! Good job. I'll come to try a demo soon.

The Virginia Tech tragedy is very hard to think about. It's okay to cry for something like this, I think. It must be very shocking to people who live in countries with few guns.

I also read about the Mayor of Nagasaki. That's also unfortunate. :(

Please continue to create such wonderful things; take care!

Elec さんのコメント...

Rudra's japanese are right :D great
"涙ぐましい" When I translate this into English "It is painful"
I see...
And "to wish upon a star" memo memo...I think that surely English of this is more right.
Thank you Rudra X)
I sent hair to you today.
yes...A case of Mayor of Nagasaki is sad, too.
I am entering a group handling a gun in SL. It is a splendid group.
But I do not want to more see people fighting against a gun and war...
I may be too serious X)
I pray for peace.

Truth さんのコメント...

Hot!!! I love this store it rocks .... I am a neko boi and the boots i got and belt .. the best ever!! Love it !! Keep up the wicked work!!


Elec さんのコメント...

Thank you X) *blush*
The clothes which you make are very cool.
It is not yet possible for me to make clothes. Therefore I always buy it.
If next I logs in, I go to buy it in Truth :D

Favorite clothes shops seem to increase by 1.
I thank for your work! :3

Ana Lutetia さんのコメント...

that hair loves lovely! :)

Ana Lutetia さんのコメント...

*looks lovely!
(still sleeping)

Elec さんのコメント...

Thank you =^.^=
But...I am troubled with lack of my skill X) so I am not good at making a thing.
I just like making a thing.
I do my best :D

I still enjoying SL :3

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