[RL] House

About my IRL--->

I leave this house today.
I put loads in order in a day.
I have a friend help with it.(This English is right?)
I thought...A friend of IRL and ISL is important both.
"have somebody help" and "to help somebody"
When person feels somebody, a person is satisfied with life.
When person has a duty to oneself, a person is pleased with life.

I thank a friend :)
I thank for a house until today.
But....My room did not have a room light! lol

Therefore, I cannot spend much time in SL this month.
But I must complete buildings of three places.
It is still hard for me to make a building X)
And I want to buy new hair of Gritty Kitty and New Accessories of SiniStyle early :D
Because The time when I play as a consumer. It is time of very pleasant SL for me.

By the way...I got possible to play miyavi's 「Kimi ni Negai wo (wish to you)」 on the guitar.
wa---i!! (This is japanese "yey")

...Oops!!! I must sleep...
The sky becomes already bright...I dislike a sunrise ~_~ Zzz...

Have a good time in SL and RL!

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Selos さんのコメント...

Thank you for your comment, Elec :3

Elec さんのコメント...

I love the picture which you draw :D

Selos さんのコメント...

I'll make sure to draw more and post :)

Elec さんのコメント...

I wait for your post =^.^=

I still enjoying SL :3

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