about ETRK

ElecTRo Kitty is my shop.
But It is not only me now.
"MnM Design by Utano Schell" on the ETRK.

Utano is a right person

He is the friend who induced me to SL.

My older brother in SL.

Utano made cat eye,prim cat eye and Sleepy Nyanko.
He is in charge of script, building and texture of ETRK well.
I cooperate with him well. Thanks Utano :D

He is her now.

so...Utano is my sister now.

And, in the near future, stuff by "Love Utu" starts sale in ETRK.
He is going to sell interesting AO.

Love is left person.

This AO is Love's.

Elec uses his AO, too.

Love has various skills.

And his greatest charm is his original idea.

A thought about his play is crazy. But high quality. lol

and... He is sometimes a fish...

He shows me a fish dance.

I think that I eat him secretly... Oops! ...Please forget this X)

He is my friend!... He is my friend!...He is my f....ood...

aaarhg! :O

We enjoy SL.
Please forgive my slow step X)
Friends always gives happiness to me. I always think about what I can do.

There is Block Party on Saturday!
Please come to enjoy together =^.^=

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Selos さんのコメント...

:) You are both very cute Haha, I love the skirts!

Elec さんのコメント...


I wear a favorite thing in anything X)
A skirt is beautiful, too. ^_^

I still enjoying SL :3

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