New my home

I love loneliness.
But I dislike loneliness.
I am selfish.
I borrowed Environmental SIM.
(Is English of Environmental SIM right?)
Because I wanted a private place.
It enables relaxation and concentration and work.

so I make form of land first. Please watch this mini-map image.

Form of this land is not yet completion

But...Mmm....very sweet.

This SIM gives me a pleasant feeling <3

I make new stuff here :D
And I thank all guys. and I thank my friend Hern.

I finished moving in RL.
Maybe...next new Stuff is a belt.
But I think about quality of my stuff recently.

Have a good SL and RL =^.^=

4 件のコメント:

Ru-る さんのコメント...

You have your own SIM now? おめでとうございます!

The land formation looks cute! 猫島!

Also, I hope your new home (RL) is nice. エアコンがありますか?Summer's coming and it will be hot soon!

Take care, Elec!

Elec さんのコメント...

You are very kind anytime.
This is a rental SIM. very easy X)

aye! Neko Island.
Your Japanese is very correct.

and Thank you again for your wish.
My room has an air-conditioner.
yeah...Japanese summer is very hot!
Is summer of your country hot?

Have a nice day Rudra <333

Ru-る さんのコメント...

It's very hot here. Glad I have an airconditioner, too. It's about 30C degrees here, and will soon be 35C or more!

Elec さんのコメント...

Ooh. It resembles Japanese summer.
But Japanese summer has much moisture ;_;
But I love summer :)

Take care,Rudra! ^.~

I still enjoying SL :3

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