[NEW] Nezumi Belt

a snack or friend?

I made Nezumi Belt.

I wrote "Food or Friend?".

But I had teach "a Snack or Friend?" from Krius. I see... Thanks!

This has very much quantity of prim...Maybe More than 200... :O

It is my result by technical lack.

Therefore a price of this is the same as Kotori Belt, and it is 120L.

And I made a mistake. I added a price of 120L to Demo in Koreshan.

The friend taught me it immediately. I thank three friends X)

[Nezumi Belt] A price is 120L

Two kinds of colors

>Darling Black

>Devily Red

can mod/no copy/can trans

Please test DEMO.

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i got KEMONO av!!

 soooo cute... x) KEMONO av  and ANIME av  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ja-JP/stores/44810 by <UTILIZATOR> ...