Main store revived

The number of usable prim increased.
I can seem to rebuild them :) This is happy.

Main store revived in other land.

I think that it is pleasant that I remake a building for new land.
But I do not have time these days.
They are same as a thing of Ikebukuro sim... X)
I want to pour them love if I finish other work in SL.

"hukuoka sim" helped me.
I thank for Utano of MnM Design and hukuoka sim.
And an error of Ikebukuro sim seems to still continue.
I think ... Influence by this error is next.
Somebody loses money...Somebody loses trust...
And the time that correspondence for those victims takes.
But all people were gentle to me.
The conversation with guys encouraged me ( ^_^)/(;_; )
I thank you all guys.
I will not take the damage by Ikebukuro more than this anymore.
But there seem to be much shop and people in Ikebukuro yet.
I pray for an error being repaired early.
Probably my English has many new lines X)
I noticed that English of a person of the English zone did not start a new line very much.
If a person of the English zone looks, what kind of impression is this?
( e_e)/ Have a good week.

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