[NEW] Hair "UFUSO" in Okinawa

UFUSO means the person who is absentminded in a dialect of Okinawa.
It seems to be a cute swear word.

It is said that time of Okinawa goes by slowly.
I long for it.

I opened a new shop in Okinawa sim.
ElecTRo Kitty (Okinawa store)
Okinawa is a south island in Japan.(RL)
It has a unique atmosphere, and it is loved by people.
And I love Okinawa, too.

I will make stuff for Okinawa shops.
It is going to be sold only in Okinawa shop.
first item is hair "UFUSO".

UFUSO means the person who is absentminded in a dialect of Okinawa.

I examined a dialect of Okinawa in various ways.
chura means beautiful.(Normal japanese=utukushii or kirei)
yana means bad.(Normal japanese=waru or warui)
...and more.
Though I was a Japanese, I did not know the dialect of many Okinawa.

[Hair UFUSO] A price is 150L
can mod/can copy/no trans

Please test DEMO!

---For japanese


沖縄は3回ほど行った事があります.また行きたいな :)

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Saeya さんのコメント...

Love the latest stuff Elec... you rock my world cutie!

Elec さんのコメント...

saeya :D You are very sweet.

I want to use your photosphere the next poster.I look forward to it ^_^
How are you?

I still enjoying SL :3

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