[NEW] Neko Kaban (MnM Design)

Neko Kaban means Cat Bag in japanese.(Kaban=Bag)
New sale from MnM Design.
Comment from Utano of MnM Design is next ^_^
Hello Nekos. Are you cheerfully shaking your tail today ? :3

[ MnM Design in ElecTRo Kitty ] New release bag. "Neko Kaban" :3
This bag include script and animation.
You can freely put your object in bag. And you can take out in touching.
( Please get a piece of information note-card in the main-shop if you want to hear of detailed content. )

There are two kinds, shoulder type and back type.
color---> dark fur, gray fur, gray long fur, lion fur and wrinkle leather.

I believe that you love "Neko Kaban". =^_^= Have a good time all Nekos!

MnM Design in ElecTRo Kitty Utano Schell

I made complaints of a face of Neko Kaban to him many times.
so He remade it many times X)
I came to love Neko Kaban very.
good work Utano :)

[Neko Kaban] A price is 300L
can mod/can copy/no trans

---for japanese
UtanoによるMnM Designから,Neko Kabanが新発売しました.
ElecTRo Kitty 本店にて買うことが出来ます.

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