[NEW] Jara Belt

SL links to my RL.
Jara is Japanese onomatopoeia. In fact, it is jara jara or jyara jyara.
It is the sound of plural metal and decorations.

The waist of Neko is busy. Because there is a tail. I wanted to wear a belt and accessories at the same time.
I like build. But I am not good at it. I employ a lot of prim.
First this had prim nearly 400. More than 256 are can't link of 1. By it, the release was late.
Utano of MnM Design helped me by sculpted prim. Thanks Utano!!!!!
But I reduced many decorations. It is necessary for me to practice sculpted prim... x(
A tail of Neko is safe and wants you to dress up loudly.
stuff of ETRK matches all people. But I make it for Neko.
Because I continue being Neko.
When I took a photograph, I forgot to attach mini bag XD

[Jara Belt] A price is 300L
Eight kinds
can mod/no copy/can trans
This is sold at the main store.
Please test DEMO!
---For Japanese

3 件のコメント:

Noam さんのコメント...

I saw Sinjun wearing this! I really like the keys.

I carry around keys like I'm a janitor.
I have like 3 to get into my apartment, car keys, keys to my dad's place, pass keys to my new job, keys to my University Lab(it's next to Fenway Park and they have really clean toilets so I don't want to get rid of them), a key to my bike and I have a couple mystery keys...

I need a belt just because my pants will fall off if I hook my keys to them.

I ramble because I'm bored at work. Anways, GOOD JOB! I love it. ^_^

Elec さんのコメント...

Noam! \('o')/ Thank you Noam!

I imagined your key by your explanation happily :)
And wonderful scenery.
I like the keys which a manager seems to have.(My pants slip down.)

Can Noam drive both the bike and the car? great!! I can't it X)

I do wear of your miyavi hair today ^_^ so I am happy.

Ginseng Kyong さんのコメント...

Belts are always cool

I still enjoying SL :3

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