Dinner under the moon

When I watch a full moon ...

full moon......fu..lll...mo..o...n....guoaaaaaaaa!!!

Selos and kuja came to my island :3
I have watched the moon to a back of Selos....

so Selos said.
"Campfire is not enough here."

yes! yes!! yes!!! I think so too!!...Because...I will eat Se...Oops!

I made campfire. ( -_-)hehehe...and

and...I tied up Selos.

I said to kuja.
"Today's supper was decided."
(I wanted to say "Today's dinner was decided".)

Taste of the Selos dinner?
yeah...It was taste of some adults.
and it was beautiful and was sweet.

...and it tasted of the banana(Maybe Selos likes banana.) hey! Selos!!! XD

But I like so banana taste :)

I was happy heartily yesterday.
I hope happiness of Selos :)

Thank you friends.
I love you all.
Thank you Selos and kuja. (and Krius! XD)

The new company arrested me. (arrested? This english is right? lol)
so i busy now. I do not make stuff for two months.
hmm...hmm( =_J=)=3 <---snort
I will make something soon.
Have a nice day <3

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Selos さんのコメント...

Ahahah XD you make me laugh <3 Elec!

Elec さんのコメント...

aaargh :O Though I wrote comment before, it was not reflected.

Ahaha...yeah!! i was really happy on that day XD Thanks!

I still enjoying SL :3

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