new track "not nor to"

i made new track.

true title is "neither one thing nor the other"

but its soooo longer @_@
therefore i narrowed english...aye...freedom!!! :D
you can hear it from next url :3
Elec's myspace

or...recent new track has DL from next. this is mp3 file.

not nor to (2007'12'12)
r.s.o.t.h (2007'11)

btw about Second life.
from MnMdesign has new stuff. coming soon ^_^
plz wait a little! meow~*

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i got KEMONO av!!

 soooo cute... x) KEMONO av  and ANIME av  https://marketplace.secondlife.com/ja-JP/stores/44810 by <UTILIZATOR> ...