I think that the strange hairstyle expresses his funny character well...lol
I made new hair for neko.
(My hair always covers human ears)
I increased the things of the request about a color.
14 kinds ---> L$100.

heeey... i watched a lot of own faces... @_@;

his name is "DISVAC"
---> DISVAC's myspace
his myspace has begun to move. he makes music.
he is a member of "ATTACK HAUS" and "1.G.K" and more...

It is the band where Masashi is which was the guitar of the CASCADE


he is beautiful. maybe he knows it, too
but he does'nt show face to people very much. Lol
cause he resembles hyde very much. (hyde=L'arc~en~ciel)
the people say it whenever meet him. so he gets tired.
aye...but i don't care( >3<)=3 i'm not him.

i don't know "hyde" very much.
but after all i said the same thing when i met him.
"Oh? You resemble hyde. " aaargh
!!! lol

i observed his hairstyle.
it's slightly strange. but beautiful.
so I made this hair :)

It seems to be a revised edition of NEOKI hair.
To the guys who loved NEOKI :D
There is the hair in the right side of the main store for the moment.

DISVAC... and... Hern, thank you very much my friend.
because there were you both, i was able to make this.
i made this hair with a fun feeling.

have a good end of year with love!


[ hair - DISVAC ] A price is L$100
Mod/Copy/No Trans
14 kinds :
>His Black
>kuja berry
>Cocoa Ash
>Fantasy Purple
>Selfish pink
>Unripe Banana
>Utano Blond
>Snow Drop
>MELT 2 Green
>Ronald Red
>Gold Of Sorrow
>Sky Sherbet
>momo berry

by Elec

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