[NEW] Fish Ring

Lol...how smelly!!
but nekos love it...take care
neko will bite your finger >:3 grrr

For lover L$ 150

Normal L$ 80
HighNormal L$ 120

i'm happy in making the micro-world ^_^


btw...i made a female avatar recently.
i used it for a poster :D
hmm...cute XD

and i made small street in my private sim.
i wanted to reproduce Nepalese Katmandu :)
but i don't know there well....where of SL is Katmandu?
couse i want to show a friend it.

Oops o_o i forgot this... There is FishRing in the left side of main store.
and second store.( Koenji )
Have a good sl time with your friend <3


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I still enjoying SL :3

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