[NEW] KOTATSU by MnMdesign

From MnMdesign had new released.
It is a KOTATSU!!

A kotatsu is Japanese traditional furniture=^_^=
japanese nursery rhyme has a next phrase...
"cat curls improving in kotatsu" meooow!!
The kotatsu is very warm.
By now air-conditioners increased, but it is loved in Japan.

Two kinds.



The function that only a premium version has this.

The premium has function for lover or good friend.
it seems to be totally a endearment.

there are a lot of poses of this :)

you can test it in main store of ETR-Kitty.
This kotatsu is sold in...
ElecTro Kitty(main store and etc) and
MnM design(main store).

I love build of Utano :)

yeah...its build only!!!! Lol

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