[NEW] Jungle King series

One cat...

One cat had a crush on the King of the jungle.
Small cat : awww.....I want to become the King of the jungle...
But the cat was very small.

The cat went to the jungle and found the next.
...grew and changed horn (which became unnecessary)
and...The tusk which was broken....The cat which watched them brightened eyes!

The cat went to ask the tough animals of the jungle.
Some bodies of the cat shook

Small cat : Please give a tusk and a horn of you to me. please...
Jungle animals : Those are totally garbage for us. If you want it, Take it as many :)

Small cat : Thank you very much!!!
The cat thanked them deeply.
And he picked up a horn and a tusk carefully and gathered those.
He returned to the "forest of fairy" and worked on several days.


These are memories of the small cat which wanted to become the King of the jungle.

BackGround Location - Hasendow--Secret water


Jungle King - Neko Glove(2size set) L$150

Jungle King - Neko Boots(2size set) L$200

Jungle King - Arm Protec(2size set) L$100

Jungle King - Leg Protec(2size set) L$70

Jungle King - izna Belt L$100

Jungle King - King Collar L$100

Jungle King - King Collar(Gift Box)L$150

Jungle King - Full Set Box L$500

Thanks to your forest, the small cat was able to dream of the King of the jungle.

Thank you my friend F.



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