cioccolata Grand Opening

cioccolata Grand Opening!!
with "oto prim"(sounds apple)

"cioccolata" will open tomorrow!!
Its Shopping space such as the fairy tale ;3

There is an event of three days in cioccolata.
so you can get a present of each shop.

From ElecTRo Kitty, I made apple of the sound.
You use it as interior and a musical instrument... :)
I put demo of it in ETRK main store and cioccolata store.
try touch it.

ElecTRo Kitty main shop

Oops!! I can't take snap of cioccolata...Because I can't login to SL today...
SL seem to have something error now....aw....aw....
oh...friend gave Snaoshot to me :D Thanks megumi!!
OK, next snap is cioccolata ^_^

This green house is ElecTRo Kitty store.
maybe you think...."Does Elec seem to live in here?"... XD lol
I don't yet complete a this store.
but I play well recently here :3
You can get this apple by an event.
This is not for sale.

LM to cioccolata

LM to ETRK@cioccolata

I will write more information of cioccolata event tomorrow.
cioccolata というショッピングスペースがオープンします.

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