CSR 2008 Summer

CSR 2008 Summer

About CSR 2008 Summer

CSR2008 sumeer begins on August 1.
ElecTRo Kitty participates in it, too.
A lot of wonderful shops participate in it! :D

I made next.

  • North jungle knight boots (Black ver.)
  • North jungle knight glove (Black ver.)
  • Black Neko ninja T-shirt
  • imitation KATANA for Neko =^_^=


Do you know "TIGER ARMOR (虎武器店)" shop?

I'm big fan of this shop!

I use a sword of here and fight against a friend.

KATANA which I use habitually is "DRAGON PRINCESS KATANA 2.6"

The reason why I made KATANA of the imitation for in CSR 2008.
It is a thing to wear it with TIGER ARMOR KATANA XD
yeah... I just wanted this imitation. and I wanted black boots and glove for ninja!

I achieved this wish... X)
Dragon princess and my katana.
They increased more....lol

I set imitation KATANA of CSR in "mod OK ".
You seem to be able to attach your favorite thing and imitation KATANA to it.

please enjoy!! =^__________________^=

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