one day

I live in private sim more than one year.
and My island has a manager.
The friend that I call it a "F" or "Fairy". and POTCH.
F came in my island a half year ago. so F lives with me in the sky for half a year.

I hired POTCH as a manager recently. and She lives in the ground.
She is angry at us well. yeah... F and me torments her well XD
Peace is better. but Peace is boredom sometimes.

My truck and a missile of F which plunge into her house

When I logged in to SL today, she was offline.
I played without permission in the house of POTCH...

hmm...good bath.

hmm...nice sound.


We always say to her.
"No!! This is not mischief. This is the guard!! We are good boy."

aye. I'm careful so that she does not leave the island....lol


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Donovan Brennen さんのコメント...

Elec is getting into mischief once again!

I still enjoying SL :3

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