one today

I logged in Second Life after a long time today.
I sat here and worked...War with the offline IM...lol

I met a friend of japanese.

This is raatetare
and POTCH and nagi.

ok, I show some favorite stuff today :3

Hair-"Find Ash"Solid Wave[Dark Silver]
Skin-[][]TRAP[][] koi (male)

Hair- "Find Ash"Samurai Asymmetry[Red/black tips]

Hair - "booN" FLM800 hair melt small

Do you enjoy SL?
I'm so busy irl. and I study by self-education eagerly irl now.
A tune and a tone.... A theory of the music....Pythagoras...The science of the brain.
I know I'm crazy now...lol
Have a good your sl and rl!! =^_^=

シーチキンマヨネーズ を選びます.

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I still enjoying SL :3

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