I have joined "Furry Japan" :3

Hi guys, Nekos, Devils, Kimonos, Furrys XD

I recently go to a cafe where Furry gathers :)

I’m crazy for Pokki AV of “Nutbusterz”.

so cute. you like it?

I playing Furry guys everyday X)

They are so kind and cute.
really sweetie.

Do you know “Furry Japan”?
"Furry Japan" is the largest Furry Group in Japan.
I knew them for ten years ago :)
But they were far away for me.

I joined the Furry Japan group today.
I’m so glad and Happy XD

btw, I met with Selos yesterday for the first time in several years :O
He is [][]TRAP[][] Designer.
I was really pleased that I met my old friend.
Thank you.

And I becomed friends with Vitani.
She is [NI.JU] Designer.
I used her stuff well.
Her sense is my favorite.

I will write about Selos and Vitani in the next post :)

[][]TRAP[][]   and  [NI.JU] in Twilight SIM

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