copies again...

I got the report of the copy from people again.
Thank you for your kindness.

This shop sold my Neko boots.
I think that posters of a person copying are always cool...x3

This shop is...
*H&K* Hard & Kendra Productions
Here may be your stuff, too. Please check it.

I pretended not to watch a copy so far.
Because if only I am troubled, I don't mind it :)
But a case of In last Katsuo Design...I saw my favorite friends being troubled.
And I had a feeling of repulsion toward a copy.
I wrote report in Linden.

When I see a person being anxious, I seem to be hurt.
I noticed the thing recently.

A person copies it by the freedom of the person.
A person exposes it to blog by the freedom of the person.
The people injure people with freedom.

for self-interest.

What does it produce?

I think that useless.
I think that very worthless.

yeah...I dislike acts to hurt the heart of the person than copy itself.
I gradually cover my ear, eyes and a mouth....lol...like a three monkeys.

btw...have a good week end Nekos ^_^ <3>

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