[IRL] O.N.O tour&movie

Hey! Don't you yet know O.N.O?
O.N.O is the artist whom I LOVE most. I respect him for ten years...

2nd album of O.N.O is released on 11/21/2008. And he does a release tour in japan. yaaaay!! Of course I go to each place to watch his MACHINE LIVE! aye, I'm O.N.O freak.heh
I wish O.N.O does machine live in other countries. Because I want you to sense his mashine live bodily. なんちゃって


11/21発売 O.N.O 2nd ALBUM [SIGNALOG]PV of "SIGNA" from an album were shown, too.

O.N.O -- SIGNA -- [PV]

【 2008 】
2008/11/22 宮崎(miyazaki) LABO UNDERGROUND
2008/11/23 大分 BOYCE
2008/12/05 福岡(hukuoka) KIETH FLACK
2008/12/06 熊本(kumamoto) NDIGO
2008/12/07 鹿児島(kagoshima) CLUB DEEP
2008/12/12 千葉/柏(chiba/kashiwa) WARTER
2008/12/13 金沢(kanazawa) MANIER
2008/12/19 宇都宮(utsunomiya) Sound a Base NEST
2008/12/20 東京/中野(tokyo/nakano) HeavySick ZERO
2008/12/21 山形(yamagata) SANDINISTA
2008/12/28 神戸(koube) CLUB pi:z
2008/12/29 徳島(tokushima) FUNZONE(ex.UNDERGROUND)
2008/12/30 静岡(shizuoka) CLUB four
【 2009 】
2009/01/11 札幌(sapporo) CLUB JADE
2009/01/16 名古屋(nagoya) CLUB MAGO
2009/01/07 京都(kyoto) WHOOPEE'S
2009/01/23 福島(hukushima) CLUB SONIC IWAKI
2009/01/24 長野 松本(nagano/matsumoto) RAIZ
2009/01/30 東京/渋谷(tokyo/shibuya) MODULE
2009/01/31 大阪(osaka) CLAPPER
2009/02/07 北見(kitami) HOOPLA

about more...
O.N.O website-onomono.jp-

Hi :) Nekos<3 How do you do? I'm so busy but not bad =^_^=
my these days are... lover and skateboarding and music making and working... xD aha~ I don't make a new work in SL recently. I think about the looks of the main store :( And I made one low prim sim the home for 1 year and six month. so I think about the house, too

Peace to all friends.