copies again...

I got the report of the copy from people again.
Thank you for your kindness.

This shop sold my Neko boots.
I think that posters of a person copying are always cool...x3

This shop is...
*H&K* Hard & Kendra Productions
Here may be your stuff, too. Please check it.

I pretended not to watch a copy so far.
Because if only I am troubled, I don't mind it :)
But a case of In last Katsuo Design...I saw my favorite friends being troubled.
And I had a feeling of repulsion toward a copy.
I wrote report in Linden.

When I see a person being anxious, I seem to be hurt.
I noticed the thing recently.

A person copies it by the freedom of the person.
A person exposes it to blog by the freedom of the person.
The people injure people with freedom.

for self-interest.

What does it produce?

I think that useless.
I think that very worthless.

yeah...I dislike acts to hurt the heart of the person than copy itself.
I gradually cover my ear, eyes and a mouth....lol...like a three monkeys.

btw...have a good week end Nekos ^_^ <3>


about copies

This is Notices from HarajukuBox.

I've been informed of another rip off store that's selling blatant copies of things from BLD, Electro Kitty, Catnip, HTC, Curious Kitty, Deviant Kitty, and more. Please come on down when you have time to make sure none of your products are here being sold. If you feel, please file an abuse report, to at least have a voice heard about this rip off bullshit. Cyia Kanami from BLD will hold a rally at the location tonight to protest and help anyone with abuse reports. Thanks

Good work Harajuku box.Thanks.
yeah...I got the communication about this from a person yesterday.
I have what was copied more than five times so far. But I had not been written to the diary until now.
But since Katsuo Design sold the copy of many stores, I wrote it to the diary for the first time.

This is my Nezumi Belt...omg :O

shop name is "Katsuo Design"

I sent report to linden yestarday.
Take care.

and I get next note. Thanks for people helping.
I can't write English well. so sorry reproduction.

Alright gals and guys I need some help. At 7pm slt tonight we will be holding a rally at the Katduo Designs store, Everyone is welcome to come and help support this cause. Please get the word out.
RULES: NO GRIEFING! i dont care how made ya guys get, a peacefull gathering with all of us abuse reporting this store is what its gonna take. No crashing the sim unless it does it its self. So please at 7pm slt tonight come join me and many others for the Theft rally!􀀀

This store has stolen and ripped items from: HTC,BLD,Catnip,Deviant kitty, Curious Kitty,Electric Kitty and much more. please come help the cause and report these thieves and show them the justice they deserve.

drive through movie

Utano showed this to me.
I became pleasant feeling X)

People singing in drive through

big mac rap

I knew this movie for the first time.
Are these popular in a foreign country?
I think Japanese longs for the humor of such foreigner... XD

big maaaaac...dom dom chi! dom dom chi!...

I still enjoying SL :3

I'm playing with anime avatar. My avatar has been mechanical and devilish from a long time ago. so Anime avatar will fit it. Recen...