one today

I logged in Second Life after a long time today.
I sat here and worked...War with the offline IM...lol

I met a friend of japanese.

This is raatetare
and POTCH and nagi.

ok, I show some favorite stuff today :3

Hair-"Find Ash"Solid Wave[Dark Silver]
Skin-[][]TRAP[][] koi (male)

Hair- "Find Ash"Samurai Asymmetry[Red/black tips]

Hair - "booN" FLM800 hair melt small

Do you enjoy SL?
I'm so busy irl. and I study by self-education eagerly irl now.
A tune and a tone.... A theory of the music....Pythagoras...The science of the brain.
I know I'm crazy now...lol
Have a good your sl and rl!! =^_^=

シーチキンマヨネーズ を選びます.


[IRL] underslowjams


This group has my friend "Keita".
He is a professional skater having many sponsors.
From about 2 minutes of these movies, he play mc and skating.
I was impressed by him. Respect!! :)

And their singing voice is comfortable, too.

official web site

keita ikenoue
You can watch his skating movie in the next URL

I like skateboarding.and I wanted the deck of his model.
But it was sold out immediately ;___;
I use deck "chocolate" for cruising.
and I use deck the brand called "84skate" of Hawaii for usual times.
My truck uses LOW of VENTURE...

Is not there the person skating in IRL in a person looking at here? ;)


[IRL] I went parties recently

I go to the club party well :)
The party that I went this month was two places.
aye...I love O.N.O machine live.

I enjoyed this festival the day before yesterday.

This is the artist who participated in this festival.
Is here the artist whom you know?
And I go to DJ DYE on the end of the month.
I went to three places of parties last month.

I much still hear an album of NIKE+O.N.O.
About LINK
I call him Dr. sound. He is a scientist of a sound XD
It's not mere scientist, besides. He is MAD SCIENTIST.
I respected him and spent nine years :3

By the way, the copying shop of my stuff does not yet disappear.
Its report does not yet die out. but Thank you for your worry.

...The thing which copied me.
It's a fact that I am bothered by them.
But I'm ok ;) Because As for the existence called me, there is only me.
I know I am Elec Tone. and Elec knows Elec doesn't yield to these.

I can't repair bad hole of LINDEN. It's work of LINDEN.
so I just continue only enjoying SL everytime *sigh* ( =_=)=3
But it decreases in my login time XDDD I need more SL time....

Have a good SL time and RL tme and good nice party!!! ^_^meow!

btw....can you understand my english??? X) I think about this sometime.
If ...when this world was one words, I was so happy,..heh




I'm so sleepy.......

I made this to match NINJA SET of CSR ;)


About CSR