[NEW] EngineerBoots&Cat foot parts

Engineer Boots

[Engineer Boots] A price is 200L
Color>BrownLeather, BlackLeather
Set=R-Leg, R-Foot, L-Leg, L-Foot
can mod/no copy/can trans

Neko Ashi UPGrade
"Neko Ashi" means "cat foot" in japanese.

Because a tiptoe of shoes was torn,
as for me, you know that it is a cat X)

[ Neko Ashi UP Grade] A price is 100L(5 color set 300L)

>BrownLeather(White, Black, Brown, Buchi, Gray)
>BlackLeather(White, Black, Brown, Buchi, Gray),
This is cat foot to UPGRADE an Elec's EngineerBoots for Nekos.

This is NOT Boots set. This is right cat foot ONLY. Please take care.
can mod/no copy/can trans

I made boots of the second. I prepared a part for Neko this time.
I think this to be some high prices.
I am below in a skill. However, too many people wore My first Neko Boots. (I Thank you!)
But I do not like that the same things overflow very much.
Therefore it is made this price. sorry... :3

---------------------For Japanese--------------------------
のアップグレードとして出しています.購入の際には気をつけてください :)

[New] Sweet Arm Belt(Black)

I can't get your love.
Therefore I shout "I want your love!!"
But it does not become a voice.
Because I am cowardly... :3 meow!
A cat cries by the words that you do not understand.
meow...(I'm hungry!)
meooow...(I want you to clean a restroom!!)
mew...(I want your love more!!!)
Sweet Arm Belt(Black)
A price is 100L
can mod/no copy/can trans


I want...

I really want Acoustic-Electric Guitar!!!!

I played the piano from 3 years old
and played the guitar from a primary schoolchild.

I did band activity with an adult outside without going to a junior high school.
And I did not take an entrance examination for a senior high school and worked as a guitarist for a while in a certain band.
I had seven guitars and bass guitars at that time.

At the age of a child, I got the first guitar from an older brother.
I worked every day to buy a guitar.
I bought Gibson-JR.
Fender... Firebird.... And ancient guitar without a name. etc...
Gibson SG of the curio which I obtained by transfer from father.

I have got tired of a guitarist and showLIVE in the teens.
Then I played in Sampler,DTM and DJ,and Dance,and Sk8...

But, I did not have only a certain guitar.
It is Acoustic-Electric Guitar...

I may love a guitar once again if I obtain it... X)

And I will put New Stuff in a main store today or tomorrow :3


[New] Sweet Arm Belt

Do you love somebody?
I do not yet know love.

wow!!! I made a mistake in spelling of "Trans"...I noticed it now.LOL
What is it?

I don't care :D
*You please test DEMO. and Check size.
Because I am not Girl. I am boy.

A price is 100L$
Can Mod/No Copy/Can Trans
>Love Your kitty(For Oneself)
>I'm Your kitty(For Gift)
>My Sweet Kitty(For Gift)

I send the earliest latest news in a certain group "ElecTRo Kitty" in SL.
一人用のメッセージは自分用の為に作りました( ~ロ~)
SL内にあるグループ「ElecTRo Kitty」では一番早い,新作のお知らせをお届けしています.
Thank you My Friend ;_;

This is face Brecelet...and SMILE, and FISH.

This Brecelet name is "arigato"

I want to say "arigato" to you.

I withdrew from a certain group.

I got a present of encouragement from a friend.

She has splendid technology and sense.

I got a nice present of a lot.

But this present stole my smile and tears.

Thank you. ARIGATO :3


[coming soon] ArmBelt

We can forget love.
But We wish that I do not want to leave it.

You remember love by clicking this heart.
I put my very short music in this heart.

If you seem to come to forget your important person, please click this.

Your loving somebody. Please remember that you are loved by somebody.

This was going to be released today,

but it will be surely after tomorrow X) Maybe...

Because I must go out in IRL today.

By the way....

I bought AOI HAIR of Gritty Kitty today.

I wanted it very. It is really cool and smart.

All of you please check GK, too.

CYA ^.^ <3


making now...

My work is performed in a load-carrying platform of a truck. In this case is English of "load-carrying platform of a truck" right?

I am in the middle of making new stuff now.
I do not yet say what it is.
MnM Design (the person who made cat eyes) of a friend is going to make the same thing.
And they will be put in a shop as a version difference each.

I want to make the thing which grew up than before a little.
Therefore I thinks it takes some time to completion.
It has 50% now.
Coming soon.... :D
友達へ---> 作業に集中したい為,MAP表示を切っている時があります:D


[New] Cat eyes,Hair,Belt

There is cateye of MnM Design to make odd eye.
I waited impatiently for this :D
And red hair. I thought of the sweet devil and made this.
And...I made kotori belt for adults.
I knew that Neko of an adult ate a bird.

I put three new stuff in a shop today.

I made red hair of NEOKI.
And Adult size of Kotori Belt.
This was a demand from guys both.

and Visitor that enabled sale of cateyes.
Thank you.
I kicked buttocks of a friend and hurried up sale. XD hehe
Cateyes which a function was in will be sold on other days.

By the way...

I made the group which sent news of ElecTRo Kitty for guys.
You can take news earlier than this blog when you enter this.
Both this stuff and this group were made by a voice of a visitor.
I really thank you about it.

Next, I will make Hair NEOKI(color:white) and other new stuff.
Then I want to make new hair.
But I'm not a hair craftsman!

I am mere Neko :3 *mew*

ElecTRo Kittyのお知らせを受け取るためのグループを作りました.



I think about something recently.
I may be tired a little.
But I can't write it much here about it X)

Sale of cat eyes will be late a little more.
My friend(MnM Design) is making a new function for it.

I don't understand when it is completed.
He is very busy now.

And Neko Oasis disappeared. You know?
I liked a garth to Neko goods ;_;


[NEW] Elec Hair "NEOKI"

NEOKI is the meaning that woke up now in Japanese.
Hair with vicious hair formed while sleeping :)
Darling Black
Impulsive Blue
Today, It was finally completed :O
I made hair for the first time.
I am not a hair craftsman.
Therefore price is 100L :)
Then I already sold this hair to some till I wrote this article now.
Most of people seem to choose darling black.
Do most people prefer relief to adventure?
It is mysterious X)
A price is 1o0L$.
Darling Black(mod/copy/no trans), Impulsive Blue(mod/copy/no trans)
Today on sale in Main Store.

[coming soon] cat eyes

There is it for neko who are very selfish :)

This eyes which I have is a work of my friend MnM design.

He did very good work.

This can have eyes of a different color each. Its very nice!!!

(You can express "odd eye" by buying two kinds of eyes.)

I am making a poster about this now. ( It's finish today!)

So, We will sell it in ElecTRo Kitty.

Coming soon :)

And... I revise Elec Hair.
Because It had scroll return of data after having been completed once.
I thought that it was dangerous to use "First Look" at time to make a thing.


[coming soon] Elec Hair

cat hair meaning soft hair in japan

I making hair now.
It will become sad, sweet hair.
And hair of a cat is distinctive very much.

The prettiness that it fawns on domine.
But you love loneliness.
A cat is selfish.

you will not be stopped being a Neko.
I smile.
Please wait for this hair :)


devil of a sleep

I got an evil spirit of a sleep somehow or other.
A very sleepy day continues recently.

It seems that it is because IRL and ISL are busy.

I was in the middle of playing SL and dozed off many times.

And my shop in KABUKI was completed, too.

Oh! This collapses very much and is cute! ...lol
I thank for cooperation of shizuna and NOMURA.

And my article was put in P.I.L.

Gentleness of Hern always impresses me.

I really thanks.

They are my pride.


The place where my article is put in now

--->ElecTRonica & ElecTRo Kitty(Main) @ikebukuro


--->Shizna&Elec-MistletoeShop@ Osaka


--->ElecTRo Kitty @KABUKI


--->ElecTRo Kitty Boots - >P.I.L HQ<


--->ETR @Metabirds


--->ETRK @Neko Oasis



Ok... I go sleep :) Have a nice day!

[Now on sale] Kotori Belt

Your food says "piyo piyo"

Oneself & Gift

Kotori is a meaning of "small bird" in Japanese.

If you pick at the buckle which a small bird is in,

you can confirm survival of a small bird :)

But you can't eat a small bird.

Because You spend long time with a small bird.
And a small bird of you become friend.
Or do you satisfy hunger than taking good care of a friend?

An answer about it of me is a secret... X)

A price is 120L$.
For Oneself(mod/copy/no trans), For Gift(mod/no copy/trans)


[NEW SALE] Neko Boots

A foot of a cat is slender and is cute.
But it is more cute because the tip is round.
Gray Black & Rusty White

I wanted boots of a cat.
It does not mean a foot of a cat such as Furry.
I just hope It had to do form of a foot of a cat with normal boots.

I hear electronica and hip-hop willingly now.
But I had the time to love PUNK.
I really liked PUNK. And I traveled in the U.K. at that time.
But both John Lydon and Kurt Cobain were absent x)

This boots remembered my sense at that time and made it.
Cat is very soft, but cat is good at "an antipathy".

They are all right even if they do "antipathy".
The reason is because after all a cat is loved :) you know?

A price is 180L$. (copy/mod/no trans)
I know that you hate it in too many people having the same thing.


I am blank

I went to his shop after having finished writing this diary.
The shop was open :)
I felt much more relaxed.

Noam takes week off.
I didn't have an opportunity to talk about with him till then.
I know it and Im lonely.
But It's not lonely about "his taking a rest".
I feel lonely about your losing confidence in something of your own.

Because I know that a wonderful thing is born from you.

But I can't let you admit that you are splendid.
It's my inadequacy. And Im sad about the my inadequacy.
I believe and to wait only.
Therefore I wait :)
Because I respect you heartily.
I wish good days visit Noam.

Start of new blog

Where should I go to?

Hello. March is start from today

I start of new blog in English for ElecTRo Kitty :)
I'm not good at English.
Therefore this may become a funny diary X)
But I study English more and want to talk with you.

I write about an article of a shop and new goods and a diary here.

I still enjoying SL :3

I'm playing with anime avatar. My avatar has been mechanical and devilish from a long time ago. so Anime avatar will fit it. Recen...