My real life

Japan is summer now. The Japanese summer is very hot and exceeds 35 degrees. I'm busy with RL now.
I go to the sea with a friend sometimes.

I go for a live show of "Tha Blue herb" and "o.n.o" and "miyavi".
o.n.o is a track maker of Tha blue herb. And it is a real teacher of my music. He always gives the best advice to me.

Do the other countries have summer in Japanese summer and the same time?Probably is it wrong? XD ...I am ignorant for all things. Therefore every day is new and is happy :D

Please continue having the day when you who read here are happy <333

---Tha Blue Herb---

Tha Blue Herb - Phase 3

Tha Blue Herb - Kei's Satoshi Wheel

Audio Active feat.ILL-BOSSTINO - Elements of Rhyme


O.n.o (Tha Blue Herb) Live 2003.11.07


Miyavi Sakihokoru Hana no you ni -Neo Visualizm-


I did SL for a year and a half. Two years since I started SL, and one and a half years this time, So I still only sl for 3~4 years? maybe ...