crystal ball said...

Selos Dae: crystal ball?
Elec Tone: Mmm

Selos Dae: ok tomorrow....Elec...DOOM :o...the crystal ball said.
Elec Tone: eek
Selos Dae: xD
Elec Tone: ;_;

Selos Dae: oh wait no...now it says....hmm..you'll get food..yes...food O.o
Elec Tone: Lol yaaay!
Elec Tone: Surely it is a hit XD
Selos Dae: lol

food are Selos?

( >3<)=3 pupuuuu


I continued refusing a new color request of NEOKI for nine months XD
couse...NEOKI is a work at the time of my beginner!! ;_; Lol
I didn't want to touch it again...so i made new, DISVAC hair.
The reason is because one making new hair was simpler than it ...X)

so some storms of the request were satisfied.

But, by a one IM, my heart shook.
She said "DISVAC is not NEOKI"

It was the first time that I heard about it. so i understood. yeah...i know...yeah....
I really thank you for IMs.

There were many requests of two tones, too.
are two tones popular now? aye i know :)

New color and refixed prim.
L$ 150

prim of NEOKI was the work that getting hard hard hard XO
yeah...prim of the beginner is a totally miraculous lump!!! lol
i know... >:D and thank you for NEOKI lovers.

ok...in this. please forgive NEOKI....i will not touch it in NEOKI. ....maybe ...Zzz

Then I was not able to get up for 12 hours. ( >_<) LOL

[NEW] Fish Ring

Lol...how smelly!!
but nekos love it...take care
neko will bite your finger >:3 grrr

For lover L$ 150

Normal L$ 80
HighNormal L$ 120

i'm happy in making the micro-world ^_^


btw...i made a female avatar recently.
i used it for a poster :D
hmm...cute XD

and i made small street in my private sim.
i wanted to reproduce Nepalese Katmandu :)
but i don't know there well....where of SL is Katmandu?
couse i want to show a friend it.

Oops o_o i forgot this... There is FishRing in the left side of main store.
and second store.( Koenji )
Have a good sl time with your friend <3



[NEW] KOTATSU by MnMdesign

From MnMdesign had new released.
It is a KOTATSU!!

A kotatsu is Japanese traditional furniture=^_^=
japanese nursery rhyme has a next phrase...
"cat curls improving in kotatsu" meooow!!
The kotatsu is very warm.
By now air-conditioners increased, but it is loved in Japan.

Two kinds.



The function that only a premium version has this.

The premium has function for lover or good friend.
it seems to be totally a endearment.

there are a lot of poses of this :)

you can test it in main store of ETR-Kitty.
This kotatsu is sold in...
ElecTro Kitty(main store and etc) and
MnM design(main store).

I love build of Utano :)

yeah...its build only!!!! Lol


A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 2008!!!

Mouse is a year of the mascot character this year in japan!
Japan is filled with mouse now.
I am hungry!

One year passed since I lived in SL... :3
Thank you for nekos love.
I still love so nekos <3333456789...2008!!!

Elec Tone

I still enjoying SL :3

I'm playing with anime avatar. My avatar has been mechanical and devilish from a long time ago. so Anime avatar will fit it. Recen...