[RL] House

About my IRL--->

I leave this house today.
I put loads in order in a day.
I have a friend help with it.(This English is right?)
I thought...A friend of IRL and ISL is important both.
"have somebody help" and "to help somebody"
When person feels somebody, a person is satisfied with life.
When person has a duty to oneself, a person is pleased with life.

I thank a friend :)
I thank for a house until today.
But....My room did not have a room light! lol

Therefore, I cannot spend much time in SL this month.
But I must complete buildings of three places.
It is still hard for me to make a building X)
And I want to buy new hair of Gritty Kitty and New Accessories of SiniStyle early :D
Because The time when I play as a consumer. It is time of very pleasant SL for me.

By the way...I got possible to play miyavi's 「Kimi ni Negai wo (wish to you)」 on the guitar.
wa---i!! (This is japanese "yey")

...Oops!!! I must sleep...
The sky becomes already bright...I dislike a sunrise ~_~ Zzz...

Have a good time in SL and RL!


[NEW] Elec Hair "KIMINI"

I do not prayer to a star.
I prayer to you

I made this while listening to music of "KIMI NI NEGAI WO(prayer to you)" of MIYAVI.
I translated one part of his song into English. It is next...

I say that there is not God.
I do not need God.
When you became a star, I promised so.
I live to your share.
Because you live in my heart.

Therefore I do not prayer to a star.
I prayer to you.

I do not understand whether my English is right X)
And This song has sorrow.But he encourages oneself and sings that I strongly live.

Does your country have a custom to pray to a star for?
When life of a person is over, there is an opinion that it becomes a star.
Therefore he prays to the person who loved it without praying to a star.
I am the feeling that is ennui a little X)

This Hair name is "KIMINI"
"KIMINI" is a meaning in English of "to you".
(KIMI=you, NI=to)
I was going to make hair of MIYAVI. But his hair shows a human ear.
It was not hair of MIYAVI when I made hair for Neko.

[Hair-KIMINI] A price is 100L
Four kinds of colors
>Darling Black
>Devily Red
>Impulsive Blue
>Raphaela White
can mod/can copy/no trans

Please test DEMO before buying it.
(Because my prim is coarse yet ;_;)

I always thank you.


I watched a case of the American Virginia University in TV yesterday.
I do not understand what I should have said about it.
The pains that cannot escape from it throughout the life.
I cry or push the reality away... yeah, I cry a little now X(

A stronger heart is necessary for me.
But does peace visit you if I have a strong heart?

I pray them soul may rest in peace.
And so that their important people have a good day.
And to you who read here.
(I want to give you pleasure. But I may give you sorrow today.I'm sorry!)

-----For japanese----



Monthter has come

I can be really various this month. ISL and IRL.

Japan is spring now.
Various encounters and parting come over every year for my spring.
I am weak in spring X)
( I love summer!)

-------> about IRL...

The family had a big problem this month.
I change a house this month.

I must change work this month.
I said good-bye to a lover this month.
...This month...This month...month...

Ooh! Is English of "month" brother of English of "monster"?

wow!! This is my new English :D
You may use this new English... Are not you necessary? OK I know X)

These do not have relevance.
these events in the generated totally just same time.

And...I got Acoustic-Electric Guitar today ;)
I am lucky.

-----> about ISL...
Participation to three plans. This is almost a secret :D
and I made clothes for the first time today.
yeah...This was totally bad. Therefore I cannot show you. ( >3<)=3

And I made hair yesterday.
Mmm. Long hair for men is difficult.
There may be my this month to practice it.
About a new work, please wait a little more :)

A good day visit all people.

-----For japanese----


My shop

This is existence... This is not existence...
There are these on the same line.
This is one of the words in Pajna-para-mita sutra.
When writes it in Japanese,"般若心経"

I broke a shop.
I loved ghetto shop of Noam.
But, articles increased and were not able to put it in ghetto shop.

It is not his ghetto shop that I broke.
I cannot break a genuine ghetto shop because I respect him.
and Because I become sad.
Maybe I am weak X)

And the prim is decreased.
I freed an article forth. This is not favorite ways.
I have to think after... :)

And I put a pillow of pillow talk here.

These are really cute.

If you come to my shop, please love this white cat :D

Surely you can feel gentle.

By the way...The today's clothes which I wear are work of SiniStyle.

jacket...This call name is Foody?Hoody?...mmm I am poor!blush X)

and a glove and boots.

About a glove, I bought different colors X) so really cool! I love this SiniStyle.

And boots have a cool secret... hehe

Next New stuff plans a belt and hair.

Have a good time everyone ^.^ and enjoy SL & RL!

I still enjoying SL :3

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