[NEW] Geeky AO

Are you Geeky?
My friend made interesting AO.
It is Geety AO.
You can buy it in a main store of ElecTRo Kitty =^.^=

[Geeky AO] A price is 600L
This is AO HUD.
can mod/can copy/no trans

Please test DEMO!

Loveさんによるブランド「Petenshi Design」から初めてAOが発売です.
それはElecTRo Kittyの本店にて買うことが出来ます.


I opened a pierced earring to mouth.
I was forbidden to laugh for a while thereby.
But, a friend and mother make me laugh :O
My mouth swelled up.

By the way. A nape of my hair is long.
My hair style same as miyavi now.
Though I was a Japanese, I did not know him.(Thank you Saeko :D)
I met him by having met SL. It is slightly mysterious X)


about ETRK

ElecTRo Kitty is my shop.
But It is not only me now.
"MnM Design by Utano Schell" on the ETRK.

Utano is a right person

He is the friend who induced me to SL.

My older brother in SL.

Utano made cat eye,prim cat eye and Sleepy Nyanko.
He is in charge of script, building and texture of ETRK well.
I cooperate with him well. Thanks Utano :D

He is her now.

so...Utano is my sister now.

And, in the near future, stuff by "Love Utu" starts sale in ETRK.
He is going to sell interesting AO.

Love is left person.

This AO is Love's.

Elec uses his AO, too.

Love has various skills.

And his greatest charm is his original idea.

A thought about his play is crazy. But high quality. lol

and... He is sometimes a fish...

He shows me a fish dance.

I think that I eat him secretly... Oops! ...Please forget this X)

He is my friend!... He is my friend!...He is my f....ood...

aaarhg! :O

We enjoy SL.
Please forgive my slow step X)
Friends always gives happiness to me. I always think about what I can do.

There is Block Party on Saturday!
Please come to enjoy together =^.^=


[NEW] Nezumi Belt

a snack or friend?

I made Nezumi Belt.

I wrote "Food or Friend?".

But I had teach "a Snack or Friend?" from Krius. I see... Thanks!

This has very much quantity of prim...Maybe More than 200... :O

It is my result by technical lack.

Therefore a price of this is the same as Kotori Belt, and it is 120L.

And I made a mistake. I added a price of 120L to Demo in Koreshan.

The friend taught me it immediately. I thank three friends X)

[Nezumi Belt] A price is 120L

Two kinds of colors

>Darling Black

>Devily Red

can mod/no copy/can trans

Please test DEMO.


[New shop] koreshan and Block

SIM of Block did Open newly. "The Block"
and A new district did Open in Koreshan.

I made a new shop in the both.
But I do not finish yet making it.
If it is completed,I report it to guys :D

Koreshan and Block are my beloved SIM.
I am happy.
I make stuff of Open memory.
Maybe...They will be completed this week.

--For japanese-------------------------
Blockの新しいSIM"The Block"と,koreshanの新しい地区がOpenしました.
でもまだ完成していません X)
Block支店は一応,Openしています.商品変わらないですけど( =_=)


New my home

I love loneliness.
But I dislike loneliness.
I am selfish.
I borrowed Environmental SIM.
(Is English of Environmental SIM right?)
Because I wanted a private place.
It enables relaxation and concentration and work.

so I make form of land first. Please watch this mini-map image.

Form of this land is not yet completion

But...Mmm....very sweet.

This SIM gives me a pleasant feeling <3

I make new stuff here :D
And I thank all guys. and I thank my friend Hern.

I finished moving in RL.
Maybe...next new Stuff is a belt.
But I think about quality of my stuff recently.

Have a good SL and RL =^.^=

I still enjoying SL :3

I'm playing with anime avatar. My avatar has been mechanical and devilish from a long time ago. so Anime avatar will fit it. Recen...