[News] "Find Ash" open!

New "Find Ash" open!

my friend Reopa's hair shop "Find Ash" renew!!

Find Ash blog(for English) by Reopa Laval

Reopa tried construction hard.
It is a very comfortable place ^_^ good job Reopa.
and Thank you!

Please come here.
I use his hair well. yay!!

about this from Fin Ash Blog


New MIAU HAUS open!!

yay!! MIAU HAUS renew!! you know?
I'm soooo glad. because this shop is my favorite of many years.


The course to MIAU HAUS is cute very much.
A lot of love and senses of fun of posy is jam-packed :)

good job MIAU HAUS =^___^=
Let's enjoy MIAU HAUS and MIAU STREET!!

CSR 2008 Summer

CSR 2008 Summer

About CSR 2008 Summer

CSR2008 sumeer begins on August 1.
ElecTRo Kitty participates in it, too.
A lot of wonderful shops participate in it! :D

I made next.

  • North jungle knight boots (Black ver.)
  • North jungle knight glove (Black ver.)
  • Black Neko ninja T-shirt
  • imitation KATANA for Neko =^_^=


Do you know "TIGER ARMOR (虎武器店)" shop?

I'm big fan of this shop!

I use a sword of here and fight against a friend.

KATANA which I use habitually is "DRAGON PRINCESS KATANA 2.6"

The reason why I made KATANA of the imitation for in CSR 2008.
It is a thing to wear it with TIGER ARMOR KATANA XD
yeah... I just wanted this imitation. and I wanted black boots and glove for ninja!

I achieved this wish... X)
Dragon princess and my katana.
They increased more....lol

I set imitation KATANA of CSR in "mod OK ".
You seem to be able to attach your favorite thing and imitation KATANA to it.

please enjoy!! =^__________________^=


one day

I live in private sim more than one year.
and My island has a manager.
The friend that I call it a "F" or "Fairy". and POTCH.
F came in my island a half year ago. so F lives with me in the sky for half a year.

I hired POTCH as a manager recently. and She lives in the ground.
She is angry at us well. yeah... F and me torments her well XD
Peace is better. but Peace is boredom sometimes.

My truck and a missile of F which plunge into her house

When I logged in to SL today, she was offline.
I played without permission in the house of POTCH...

hmm...good bath.

hmm...nice sound.


We always say to her.
"No!! This is not mischief. This is the guard!! We are good boy."

aye. I'm careful so that she does not leave the island....lol


I still enjoying SL :3

I'm playing with anime avatar. My avatar has been mechanical and devilish from a long time ago. so Anime avatar will fit it. Recen...