[NEW] AVZ store

What does the machine cat light up by red rays?
Hern made a machine cat for me. I love loneliness and warm.

Public Image Limited HQ of Hern was rebeared as AVZ.

Hern gave me a place for ElecTRo Kitty. Thank you^_^

It occurs to him to be well happy. And He is very kind.

In place AVZ of Hern, there are various shops as well as my shop.

They are very cool.

Let's take a walk.

Maybe I will make a new stuff soon.

There are a lot of things which I got in RL newly.

---For Japanese


それに伴って,ElecTRo Kitty AVZ店も開店致しました.




[NEW] Hair "UFUSO" in Okinawa

UFUSO means the person who is absentminded in a dialect of Okinawa.
It seems to be a cute swear word.

It is said that time of Okinawa goes by slowly.
I long for it.

I opened a new shop in Okinawa sim.
ElecTRo Kitty (Okinawa store)
Okinawa is a south island in Japan.(RL)
It has a unique atmosphere, and it is loved by people.
And I love Okinawa, too.

I will make stuff for Okinawa shops.
It is going to be sold only in Okinawa shop.
first item is hair "UFUSO".

UFUSO means the person who is absentminded in a dialect of Okinawa.

I examined a dialect of Okinawa in various ways.
chura means beautiful.(Normal japanese=utukushii or kirei)
yana means bad.(Normal japanese=waru or warui)
...and more.
Though I was a Japanese, I did not know the dialect of many Okinawa.

[Hair UFUSO] A price is 150L
can mod/can copy/no trans

Please test DEMO!

---For japanese


沖縄は3回ほど行った事があります.また行きたいな :)

[NEW] Neko Kaban (MnM Design)

Neko Kaban means Cat Bag in japanese.(Kaban=Bag)
New sale from MnM Design.
Comment from Utano of MnM Design is next ^_^
Hello Nekos. Are you cheerfully shaking your tail today ? :3

[ MnM Design in ElecTRo Kitty ] New release bag. "Neko Kaban" :3
This bag include script and animation.
You can freely put your object in bag. And you can take out in touching.
( Please get a piece of information note-card in the main-shop if you want to hear of detailed content. )

There are two kinds, shoulder type and back type.
color---> dark fur, gray fur, gray long fur, lion fur and wrinkle leather.

I believe that you love "Neko Kaban". =^_^= Have a good time all Nekos!

MnM Design in ElecTRo Kitty Utano Schell

I made complaints of a face of Neko Kaban to him many times.
so He remade it many times X)
I came to love Neko Kaban very.
good work Utano :)

[Neko Kaban] A price is 300L
can mod/can copy/no trans

---for japanese
UtanoによるMnM Designから,Neko Kabanが新発売しました.
ElecTRo Kitty 本店にて買うことが出来ます.


Main store revived

The number of usable prim increased.
I can seem to rebuild them :) This is happy.

Main store revived in other land.

I think that it is pleasant that I remake a building for new land.
But I do not have time these days.
They are same as a thing of Ikebukuro sim... X)
I want to pour them love if I finish other work in SL.

"hukuoka sim" helped me.
I thank for Utano of MnM Design and hukuoka sim.
And an error of Ikebukuro sim seems to still continue.
I think ... Influence by this error is next.
Somebody loses money...Somebody loses trust...
And the time that correspondence for those victims takes.
But all people were gentle to me.
The conversation with guys encouraged me ( ^_^)/(;_; )
I thank you all guys.
I will not take the damage by Ikebukuro more than this anymore.
But there seem to be much shop and people in Ikebukuro yet.
I pray for an error being repaired early.
Probably my English has many new lines X)
I noticed that English of a person of the English zone did not start a new line very much.
If a person of the English zone looks, what kind of impression is this?
( e_e)/ Have a good week.


A refuge place

We found a refuge place of a main store.
Surely Open is immediate.
New stuff is released with reopen by MnM Design.

Please wait a little :)

I am relieved a little...meow


Main store closes now.

Main store closes now.
I am a sad feeling. and Sorry ;_;

As for ikebukuro SIM, a server of money relations seems to cause an error now.

Ikebukuro has ElecTRo Kitty(Main store).

I was not able to log in by a part-time job of RL for two days.
IM and Note card were tremendous quantity.
I finished the work now... ( >_<)=3

But I expect that there was still a victim more.
When you who watched this blog were a victim. And when your friend was a victim.
And when You do not yet show it to me in IM or Note card.
You please SEND IM or Note to me without minding.
(Note is more certain than IM.)

You do not have to abandon money.
I do not have to get only money.

And a main store closes till a problem is settled.

I still enjoying SL :3

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