[IRL] O.N.O tour&movie

Hey! Don't you yet know O.N.O?
O.N.O is the artist whom I LOVE most. I respect him for ten years...

2nd album of O.N.O is released on 11/21/2008. And he does a release tour in japan. yaaaay!! Of course I go to each place to watch his MACHINE LIVE! aye, I'm O.N.O freak.heh
I wish O.N.O does machine live in other countries. Because I want you to sense his mashine live bodily. なんちゃって


11/21発売 O.N.O 2nd ALBUM [SIGNALOG]PV of "SIGNA" from an album were shown, too.

O.N.O -- SIGNA -- [PV]

【 2008 】
2008/11/22 宮崎(miyazaki) LABO UNDERGROUND
2008/11/23 大分 BOYCE
2008/12/05 福岡(hukuoka) KIETH FLACK
2008/12/06 熊本(kumamoto) NDIGO
2008/12/07 鹿児島(kagoshima) CLUB DEEP
2008/12/12 千葉/柏(chiba/kashiwa) WARTER
2008/12/13 金沢(kanazawa) MANIER
2008/12/19 宇都宮(utsunomiya) Sound a Base NEST
2008/12/20 東京/中野(tokyo/nakano) HeavySick ZERO
2008/12/21 山形(yamagata) SANDINISTA
2008/12/28 神戸(koube) CLUB pi:z
2008/12/29 徳島(tokushima) FUNZONE(ex.UNDERGROUND)
2008/12/30 静岡(shizuoka) CLUB four
【 2009 】
2009/01/11 札幌(sapporo) CLUB JADE
2009/01/16 名古屋(nagoya) CLUB MAGO
2009/01/07 京都(kyoto) WHOOPEE'S
2009/01/23 福島(hukushima) CLUB SONIC IWAKI
2009/01/24 長野 松本(nagano/matsumoto) RAIZ
2009/01/30 東京/渋谷(tokyo/shibuya) MODULE
2009/01/31 大阪(osaka) CLAPPER
2009/02/07 北見(kitami) HOOPLA

about more...
O.N.O website-onomono.jp-

Hi :) Nekos<3 How do you do? I'm so busy but not bad =^_^=
my these days are... lover and skateboarding and music making and working... xD aha~ I don't make a new work in SL recently. I think about the looks of the main store :( And I made one low prim sim the home for 1 year and six month. so I think about the house, too

Peace to all friends.



one today

I logged in Second Life after a long time today.
I sat here and worked...War with the offline IM...lol

I met a friend of japanese.

This is raatetare
and POTCH and nagi.

ok, I show some favorite stuff today :3

Hair-"Find Ash"Solid Wave[Dark Silver]
Skin-[][]TRAP[][] koi (male)

Hair- "Find Ash"Samurai Asymmetry[Red/black tips]

Hair - "booN" FLM800 hair melt small

Do you enjoy SL?
I'm so busy irl. and I study by self-education eagerly irl now.
A tune and a tone.... A theory of the music....Pythagoras...The science of the brain.
I know I'm crazy now...lol
Have a good your sl and rl!! =^_^=

シーチキンマヨネーズ を選びます.


[IRL] underslowjams


This group has my friend "Keita".
He is a professional skater having many sponsors.
From about 2 minutes of these movies, he play mc and skating.
I was impressed by him. Respect!! :)

And their singing voice is comfortable, too.

official web site

keita ikenoue
You can watch his skating movie in the next URL

I like skateboarding.and I wanted the deck of his model.
But it was sold out immediately ;___;
I use deck "chocolate" for cruising.
and I use deck the brand called "84skate" of Hawaii for usual times.
My truck uses LOW of VENTURE...

Is not there the person skating in IRL in a person looking at here? ;)


[IRL] I went parties recently

I go to the club party well :)
The party that I went this month was two places.
aye...I love O.N.O machine live.

I enjoyed this festival the day before yesterday.

This is the artist who participated in this festival.
Is here the artist whom you know?
And I go to DJ DYE on the end of the month.
I went to three places of parties last month.

I much still hear an album of NIKE+O.N.O.
About LINK
I call him Dr. sound. He is a scientist of a sound XD
It's not mere scientist, besides. He is MAD SCIENTIST.
I respected him and spent nine years :3

By the way, the copying shop of my stuff does not yet disappear.
Its report does not yet die out. but Thank you for your worry.

...The thing which copied me.
It's a fact that I am bothered by them.
But I'm ok ;) Because As for the existence called me, there is only me.
I know I am Elec Tone. and Elec knows Elec doesn't yield to these.

I can't repair bad hole of LINDEN. It's work of LINDEN.
so I just continue only enjoying SL everytime *sigh* ( =_=)=3
But it decreases in my login time XDDD I need more SL time....

Have a good SL time and RL tme and good nice party!!! ^_^meow!

btw....can you understand my english??? X) I think about this sometime.
If ...when this world was one words, I was so happy,..heh




I'm so sleepy.......

I made this to match NINJA SET of CSR ;)


About CSR


[News] "Find Ash" open!

New "Find Ash" open!

my friend Reopa's hair shop "Find Ash" renew!!

Find Ash blog(for English) by Reopa Laval

Reopa tried construction hard.
It is a very comfortable place ^_^ good job Reopa.
and Thank you!

Please come here.
I use his hair well. yay!!

about this from Fin Ash Blog


[IRL] I bought DS-10 :D

and I tried DS-10 of NINTENDO DS.


New MIAU HAUS open!!

yay!! MIAU HAUS renew!! you know?
I'm soooo glad. because this shop is my favorite of many years.


The course to MIAU HAUS is cute very much.
A lot of love and senses of fun of posy is jam-packed :)

good job MIAU HAUS =^___^=
Let's enjoy MIAU HAUS and MIAU STREET!!

CSR 2008 Summer

CSR 2008 Summer

About CSR 2008 Summer

CSR2008 sumeer begins on August 1.
ElecTRo Kitty participates in it, too.
A lot of wonderful shops participate in it! :D

I made next.

  • North jungle knight boots (Black ver.)
  • North jungle knight glove (Black ver.)
  • Black Neko ninja T-shirt
  • imitation KATANA for Neko =^_^=


Do you know "TIGER ARMOR (虎武器店)" shop?

I'm big fan of this shop!

I use a sword of here and fight against a friend.

KATANA which I use habitually is "DRAGON PRINCESS KATANA 2.6"

The reason why I made KATANA of the imitation for in CSR 2008.
It is a thing to wear it with TIGER ARMOR KATANA XD
yeah... I just wanted this imitation. and I wanted black boots and glove for ninja!

I achieved this wish... X)
Dragon princess and my katana.
They increased more....lol

I set imitation KATANA of CSR in "mod OK ".
You seem to be able to attach your favorite thing and imitation KATANA to it.

please enjoy!! =^__________________^=


one day

I live in private sim more than one year.
and My island has a manager.
The friend that I call it a "F" or "Fairy". and POTCH.
F came in my island a half year ago. so F lives with me in the sky for half a year.

I hired POTCH as a manager recently. and She lives in the ground.
She is angry at us well. yeah... F and me torments her well XD
Peace is better. but Peace is boredom sometimes.

My truck and a missile of F which plunge into her house

When I logged in to SL today, she was offline.
I played without permission in the house of POTCH...

hmm...good bath.

hmm...nice sound.


We always say to her.
"No!! This is not mischief. This is the guard!! We are good boy."

aye. I'm careful so that she does not leave the island....lol



[NEW] Hair - AGEHA

I made hair of boy who resembled miyavi called AGEHA.
AGEHA worked in Japanese host club.
I watched it with a magazine.
I relied on the memory and made it.

He does not seem to work in host club anymore.
I wish he is happy :D
I know that night work is hard labor very much...hehe

Elec Hair -AGEHA-
mod/copy/no trans


Tegaki Blog

Do you know "Tegaki Blog"?
"Tegaki" means "Handwriting" in japanese.
I began it recently XD I enjoy.
my Handwriting Blog is this.

If you want to add your new entry...

For English

For japanese

↑Both go to the same world :) np

Wonderful Tegaki Blogger which I found.


copied stuff shop

I got the report of the copied stuff yestarday.
My old stuff is copied well X(
Copy shop which I showed to web is only a little...

This shop selling copied item.
shop name is "Don't Ask!" and owner from Hong Kong.
LM to "Don't Ask!"

This is owner. but there are plural owners.
It is remodeled after it was completely copied.
And the name of the creator is changed, too
It is a usual trick of the people to copy.

This copied engineer boots and the Nezumi belt of my shop.
my stuff is next.
Engineer Boots 1
Nezumi Belt
Engineer Boots & Nezumi Belt
The shop which this shop copies is not only my shop.
A shop damaged this time is next....BARE&ROSE and amerie's NAUGHTY.
maybe and more shops. but I can't know it.

I sent IM to "Miffyhoi Rosca".
[8:36] Elec Tone: hey, I'm ElecTRo Kitty designer :) you stolen my belt and boots. sorry I will send DMCA report to LINDEN.
But another name sent IM to me.
[8:39] Xylon Mopp: hi there is there anything i can help you with the belt problem?
-----(I remained silent a little)-----
[8:42] Xylon Mopp: If you think that the belt look smilar to yours, free feel to report to anyone inculde linden lab, the belt soruce is made by ourself also inculde all the artworks
[8:42] Xylon Mopp: if you got any more problem with that please contact me directly
[8:42] Xylon Mopp: thanks for you time

I know. Because I continue experiencing this damage for 1 year and six month.
The most in case of copying can change the name of the creator.
I know that it is easy to change the name of the creator....omg X)

[8:47] Elec Tone: Hi :) This is not smilar... This is copy. and This of me sold more than several thousand. Many reports begin to come.
[8:48] Elec Tone: and The shop of the friend is damaged from you, too.... if you say "This is our design"...Its ok :)
[8:49] Elec Tone: But after all the act that is not good is not good.... I'm sad. Thanks for your reading... have a good sl time.

This is not a false charge. many people will prove this...
And we sent a report to LINDEN as usual.
As for these time, it is really useless. These take my one SL time. *sigh*

If you are a designer/If this shop seems to steal your design, plz check this shop and take care!


Main Store renewal!!

Main Store renewal!!

ElecTRo Kitty (main store) moved underground. take care~
This builder by Utano of MnM Design ;D
He making garden item now.
plz check new!



[news] Hunting game of cioccolata

Let's enjoy Hunting game of cioccolata!!

cioccolata is open today!!
Hunting game began, too.
There was already many people in cioccolata.

Please get an information notebook card from box in the entrance of cioccolata.

I made "oto prim" Apple Palette" set box.

This apple of the package has a sound, too.
try to touch!! yay!

I enjoy a hunting game, too

LM to cioccolata

LM to ETRK@cioccolata

enjoy!! x3 ciao!



cioccolata Grand Opening

cioccolata Grand Opening!!
with "oto prim"(sounds apple)

"cioccolata" will open tomorrow!!
Its Shopping space such as the fairy tale ;3

There is an event of three days in cioccolata.
so you can get a present of each shop.

From ElecTRo Kitty, I made apple of the sound.
You use it as interior and a musical instrument... :)
I put demo of it in ETRK main store and cioccolata store.
try touch it.

ElecTRo Kitty main shop

Oops!! I can't take snap of cioccolata...Because I can't login to SL today...
SL seem to have something error now....aw....aw....
oh...friend gave Snaoshot to me :D Thanks megumi!!
OK, next snap is cioccolata ^_^

This green house is ElecTRo Kitty store.
maybe you think...."Does Elec seem to live in here?"... XD lol
I don't yet complete a this store.
but I play well recently here :3
You can get this apple by an event.
This is not for sale.

LM to cioccolata

LM to ETRK@cioccolata

I will write more information of cioccolata event tomorrow.
cioccolata というショッピングスペースがオープンします.