new track "not nor to"

i made new track.

true title is "neither one thing nor the other"

but its soooo longer @_@
therefore i narrowed english...aye...freedom!!! :D
you can hear it from next url :3
Elec's myspace

or...recent new track has DL from next. this is mp3 file.

not nor to (2007'12'12)
r.s.o.t.h (2007'11)

btw about Second life.
from MnMdesign has new stuff. coming soon ^_^
plz wait a little! meow~*



I think that the strange hairstyle expresses his funny character well...lol
I made new hair for neko.
(My hair always covers human ears)
I increased the things of the request about a color.
14 kinds ---> L$100.

heeey... i watched a lot of own faces... @_@;

his name is "DISVAC"
---> DISVAC's myspace
his myspace has begun to move. he makes music.
he is a member of "ATTACK HAUS" and "1.G.K" and more...

It is the band where Masashi is which was the guitar of the CASCADE


he is beautiful. maybe he knows it, too
but he does'nt show face to people very much. Lol
cause he resembles hyde very much. (hyde=L'arc~en~ciel)
the people say it whenever meet him. so he gets tired.
aye...but i don't care( >3<)=3 i'm not him.

i don't know "hyde" very much.
but after all i said the same thing when i met him.
"Oh? You resemble hyde. " aaargh
!!! lol

i observed his hairstyle.
it's slightly strange. but beautiful.
so I made this hair :)

It seems to be a revised edition of NEOKI hair.
To the guys who loved NEOKI :D
There is the hair in the right side of the main store for the moment.

DISVAC... and... Hern, thank you very much my friend.
because there were you both, i was able to make this.
i made this hair with a fun feeling.

have a good end of year with love!


[ hair - DISVAC ] A price is L$100
Mod/Copy/No Trans
14 kinds :
>His Black
>kuja berry
>Cocoa Ash
>Fantasy Purple
>Selfish pink
>Unripe Banana
>Utano Blond
>Snow Drop
>MELT 2 Green
>Ronald Red
>Gold Of Sorrow
>Sky Sherbet
>momo berry

by Elec


main store moved to the ground

I played the guitar on live show the day before yesterday. and I did DJ.( This is RL)

Hi cute Nekos and guys =^_^= cat was a cat everywhere.
Maybe one week ago...?....aye. Main store moved to the ground :D

Japanese garden and cat and ....hehe... image that I wanted.

In the place, only height changes.

Utano made this garden!! Thanks!! Thanks!! I love Utano.

Utano and Elec :3
.....awww plz use AO!! Lol

plz come to the beautiful Japanese kitty garden of Utano.

I love sooooooooo this garden. (But its not finish yet! Lol)


[NEW] Bootee(Ladies's)

I watched a Japanese fashion magazine the other day.

Bootee is popular to a Japanese girl this year.

A girl wearing Bootee is pretty :3


Dinner under the moon

When I watch a full moon ...

full moon......fu..lll...mo..o...n....guoaaaaaaaa!!!

Selos and kuja came to my island :3
I have watched the moon to a back of Selos....

so Selos said.
"Campfire is not enough here."

yes! yes!! yes!!! I think so too!!...Because...I will eat Se...Oops!

I made campfire. ( -_-)hehehe...and

and...I tied up Selos.

I said to kuja.
"Today's supper was decided."
(I wanted to say "Today's dinner was decided".)

Taste of the Selos dinner?
yeah...It was taste of some adults.
and it was beautiful and was sweet.

...and it tasted of the banana(Maybe Selos likes banana.) hey! Selos!!! XD

But I like so banana taste :)

I was happy heartily yesterday.
I hope happiness of Selos :)

Thank you friends.
I love you all.
Thank you Selos and kuja. (and Krius! XD)

The new company arrested me. (arrested? This english is right? lol)
so i busy now. I do not make stuff for two months.
hmm...hmm( =_J=)=3 <---snort
I will make something soon.
Have a nice day <3


[NEW] Group...

::: 仔雅連合 :::
How to read 仔雅連合 is komiyavi rengo.
komiyavi means miyavi fan.
rengo means alliance.
仔雅連合=miyavi aliance
(There is komiyavi rengo in a formula as a miyavi fan club in RL)

Do you know miyavi?

I made a group in SL.
Its name "I am KOMIYAVI" so anyone can participate in this... search me!

I want to send the newest information of miyavi to the world miyavi fan from Japan.
New activity... and a fashion of miyavi. ...miyavi of a new magazine ...aaargh

And I sometimes repair a Japanese text of miyavi with English and will explain it for other fan :)

This is komiyavism ;D heh


[Revival] SweetArmBelt

My summer is over soon

I revised a script of Seet Arm Belt.
This music is played normally.

=_=)=3 huuuu...
It is sold to the main store.
If Nekos who want to change it for a new.
Please check main store. (I put a news poster.)
and...I making new stuff now.

I love Nekos as ever <3

Sweet Arm Belt ---L$100








Please test DEMO! :D

-----For Japanese






My real life

Japan is summer now. The Japanese summer is very hot and exceeds 35 degrees. I'm busy with RL now.
I go to the sea with a friend sometimes.

I go for a live show of "Tha Blue herb" and "o.n.o" and "miyavi".
o.n.o is a track maker of Tha blue herb. And it is a real teacher of my music. He always gives the best advice to me.

Do the other countries have summer in Japanese summer and the same time?Probably is it wrong? XD ...I am ignorant for all things. Therefore every day is new and is happy :D

Please continue having the day when you who read here are happy <333

---Tha Blue Herb---

Tha Blue Herb - Phase 3

Tha Blue Herb - Kei's Satoshi Wheel

Audio Active feat.ILL-BOSSTINO - Elements of Rhyme


O.n.o (Tha Blue Herb) Live 2003.11.07


Miyavi Sakihokoru Hana no you ni -Neo Visualizm-


[NEW] Jara Belt

SL links to my RL.
Jara is Japanese onomatopoeia. In fact, it is jara jara or jyara jyara.
It is the sound of plural metal and decorations.

The waist of Neko is busy. Because there is a tail. I wanted to wear a belt and accessories at the same time.
I like build. But I am not good at it. I employ a lot of prim.
First this had prim nearly 400. More than 256 are can't link of 1. By it, the release was late.
Utano of MnM Design helped me by sculpted prim. Thanks Utano!!!!!
But I reduced many decorations. It is necessary for me to practice sculpted prim... x(
A tail of Neko is safe and wants you to dress up loudly.
stuff of ETRK matches all people. But I make it for Neko.
Because I continue being Neko.
When I took a photograph, I forgot to attach mini bag XD

[Jara Belt] A price is 300L
Eight kinds
can mod/no copy/can trans
This is sold at the main store.
Please test DEMO!
---For Japanese



[NEW] AVZ store

What does the machine cat light up by red rays?
Hern made a machine cat for me. I love loneliness and warm.

Public Image Limited HQ of Hern was rebeared as AVZ.

Hern gave me a place for ElecTRo Kitty. Thank you^_^

It occurs to him to be well happy. And He is very kind.

In place AVZ of Hern, there are various shops as well as my shop.

They are very cool.

Let's take a walk.

Maybe I will make a new stuff soon.

There are a lot of things which I got in RL newly.

---For Japanese


それに伴って,ElecTRo Kitty AVZ店も開店致しました.




[NEW] Hair "UFUSO" in Okinawa

UFUSO means the person who is absentminded in a dialect of Okinawa.
It seems to be a cute swear word.

It is said that time of Okinawa goes by slowly.
I long for it.

I opened a new shop in Okinawa sim.
ElecTRo Kitty (Okinawa store)
Okinawa is a south island in Japan.(RL)
It has a unique atmosphere, and it is loved by people.
And I love Okinawa, too.

I will make stuff for Okinawa shops.
It is going to be sold only in Okinawa shop.
first item is hair "UFUSO".

UFUSO means the person who is absentminded in a dialect of Okinawa.

I examined a dialect of Okinawa in various ways.
chura means beautiful.(Normal japanese=utukushii or kirei)
yana means bad.(Normal japanese=waru or warui)
...and more.
Though I was a Japanese, I did not know the dialect of many Okinawa.

[Hair UFUSO] A price is 150L
can mod/can copy/no trans

Please test DEMO!

---For japanese


沖縄は3回ほど行った事があります.また行きたいな :)

[NEW] Neko Kaban (MnM Design)

Neko Kaban means Cat Bag in japanese.(Kaban=Bag)
New sale from MnM Design.
Comment from Utano of MnM Design is next ^_^
Hello Nekos. Are you cheerfully shaking your tail today ? :3

[ MnM Design in ElecTRo Kitty ] New release bag. "Neko Kaban" :3
This bag include script and animation.
You can freely put your object in bag. And you can take out in touching.
( Please get a piece of information note-card in the main-shop if you want to hear of detailed content. )

There are two kinds, shoulder type and back type.
color---> dark fur, gray fur, gray long fur, lion fur and wrinkle leather.

I believe that you love "Neko Kaban". =^_^= Have a good time all Nekos!

MnM Design in ElecTRo Kitty Utano Schell

I made complaints of a face of Neko Kaban to him many times.
so He remade it many times X)
I came to love Neko Kaban very.
good work Utano :)

[Neko Kaban] A price is 300L
can mod/can copy/no trans

---for japanese
UtanoによるMnM Designから,Neko Kabanが新発売しました.
ElecTRo Kitty 本店にて買うことが出来ます.


Main store revived

The number of usable prim increased.
I can seem to rebuild them :) This is happy.

Main store revived in other land.

I think that it is pleasant that I remake a building for new land.
But I do not have time these days.
They are same as a thing of Ikebukuro sim... X)
I want to pour them love if I finish other work in SL.

"hukuoka sim" helped me.
I thank for Utano of MnM Design and hukuoka sim.
And an error of Ikebukuro sim seems to still continue.
I think ... Influence by this error is next.
Somebody loses money...Somebody loses trust...
And the time that correspondence for those victims takes.
But all people were gentle to me.
The conversation with guys encouraged me ( ^_^)/(;_; )
I thank you all guys.
I will not take the damage by Ikebukuro more than this anymore.
But there seem to be much shop and people in Ikebukuro yet.
I pray for an error being repaired early.
Probably my English has many new lines X)
I noticed that English of a person of the English zone did not start a new line very much.
If a person of the English zone looks, what kind of impression is this?
( e_e)/ Have a good week.


A refuge place

We found a refuge place of a main store.
Surely Open is immediate.
New stuff is released with reopen by MnM Design.

Please wait a little :)

I am relieved a little...meow


Main store closes now.

Main store closes now.
I am a sad feeling. and Sorry ;_;

As for ikebukuro SIM, a server of money relations seems to cause an error now.

Ikebukuro has ElecTRo Kitty(Main store).

I was not able to log in by a part-time job of RL for two days.
IM and Note card were tremendous quantity.
I finished the work now... ( >_<)=3

But I expect that there was still a victim more.
When you who watched this blog were a victim. And when your friend was a victim.
And when You do not yet show it to me in IM or Note card.
You please SEND IM or Note to me without minding.
(Note is more certain than IM.)

You do not have to abandon money.
I do not have to get only money.

And a main store closes till a problem is settled.


[NEW] Geeky AO

Are you Geeky?
My friend made interesting AO.
It is Geety AO.
You can buy it in a main store of ElecTRo Kitty =^.^=

[Geeky AO] A price is 600L
This is AO HUD.
can mod/can copy/no trans

Please test DEMO!

Loveさんによるブランド「Petenshi Design」から初めてAOが発売です.
それはElecTRo Kittyの本店にて買うことが出来ます.


I opened a pierced earring to mouth.
I was forbidden to laugh for a while thereby.
But, a friend and mother make me laugh :O
My mouth swelled up.

By the way. A nape of my hair is long.
My hair style same as miyavi now.
Though I was a Japanese, I did not know him.(Thank you Saeko :D)
I met him by having met SL. It is slightly mysterious X)


about ETRK

ElecTRo Kitty is my shop.
But It is not only me now.
"MnM Design by Utano Schell" on the ETRK.

Utano is a right person

He is the friend who induced me to SL.

My older brother in SL.

Utano made cat eye,prim cat eye and Sleepy Nyanko.
He is in charge of script, building and texture of ETRK well.
I cooperate with him well. Thanks Utano :D

He is her now.

so...Utano is my sister now.

And, in the near future, stuff by "Love Utu" starts sale in ETRK.
He is going to sell interesting AO.

Love is left person.

This AO is Love's.

Elec uses his AO, too.

Love has various skills.

And his greatest charm is his original idea.

A thought about his play is crazy. But high quality. lol

and... He is sometimes a fish...

He shows me a fish dance.

I think that I eat him secretly... Oops! ...Please forget this X)

He is my friend!... He is my friend!...He is my f....ood...

aaarhg! :O

We enjoy SL.
Please forgive my slow step X)
Friends always gives happiness to me. I always think about what I can do.

There is Block Party on Saturday!
Please come to enjoy together =^.^=


[NEW] Nezumi Belt

a snack or friend?

I made Nezumi Belt.

I wrote "Food or Friend?".

But I had teach "a Snack or Friend?" from Krius. I see... Thanks!

This has very much quantity of prim...Maybe More than 200... :O

It is my result by technical lack.

Therefore a price of this is the same as Kotori Belt, and it is 120L.

And I made a mistake. I added a price of 120L to Demo in Koreshan.

The friend taught me it immediately. I thank three friends X)

[Nezumi Belt] A price is 120L

Two kinds of colors

>Darling Black

>Devily Red

can mod/no copy/can trans

Please test DEMO.


[New shop] koreshan and Block

SIM of Block did Open newly. "The Block"
and A new district did Open in Koreshan.

I made a new shop in the both.
But I do not finish yet making it.
If it is completed,I report it to guys :D

Koreshan and Block are my beloved SIM.
I am happy.
I make stuff of Open memory.
Maybe...They will be completed this week.

--For japanese-------------------------
Blockの新しいSIM"The Block"と,koreshanの新しい地区がOpenしました.
でもまだ完成していません X)
Block支店は一応,Openしています.商品変わらないですけど( =_=)


New my home

I love loneliness.
But I dislike loneliness.
I am selfish.
I borrowed Environmental SIM.
(Is English of Environmental SIM right?)
Because I wanted a private place.
It enables relaxation and concentration and work.

so I make form of land first. Please watch this mini-map image.

Form of this land is not yet completion

But...Mmm....very sweet.

This SIM gives me a pleasant feeling <3

I make new stuff here :D
And I thank all guys. and I thank my friend Hern.

I finished moving in RL.
Maybe...next new Stuff is a belt.
But I think about quality of my stuff recently.

Have a good SL and RL =^.^=


[RL] House

About my IRL--->

I leave this house today.
I put loads in order in a day.
I have a friend help with it.(This English is right?)
I thought...A friend of IRL and ISL is important both.
"have somebody help" and "to help somebody"
When person feels somebody, a person is satisfied with life.
When person has a duty to oneself, a person is pleased with life.

I thank a friend :)
I thank for a house until today.
But....My room did not have a room light! lol

Therefore, I cannot spend much time in SL this month.
But I must complete buildings of three places.
It is still hard for me to make a building X)
And I want to buy new hair of Gritty Kitty and New Accessories of SiniStyle early :D
Because The time when I play as a consumer. It is time of very pleasant SL for me.

By the way...I got possible to play miyavi's 「Kimi ni Negai wo (wish to you)」 on the guitar.
wa---i!! (This is japanese "yey")

...Oops!!! I must sleep...
The sky becomes already bright...I dislike a sunrise ~_~ Zzz...

Have a good time in SL and RL!


[NEW] Elec Hair "KIMINI"

I do not prayer to a star.
I prayer to you

I made this while listening to music of "KIMI NI NEGAI WO(prayer to you)" of MIYAVI.
I translated one part of his song into English. It is next...

I say that there is not God.
I do not need God.
When you became a star, I promised so.
I live to your share.
Because you live in my heart.

Therefore I do not prayer to a star.
I prayer to you.

I do not understand whether my English is right X)
And This song has sorrow.But he encourages oneself and sings that I strongly live.

Does your country have a custom to pray to a star for?
When life of a person is over, there is an opinion that it becomes a star.
Therefore he prays to the person who loved it without praying to a star.
I am the feeling that is ennui a little X)

This Hair name is "KIMINI"
"KIMINI" is a meaning in English of "to you".
(KIMI=you, NI=to)
I was going to make hair of MIYAVI. But his hair shows a human ear.
It was not hair of MIYAVI when I made hair for Neko.

[Hair-KIMINI] A price is 100L
Four kinds of colors
>Darling Black
>Devily Red
>Impulsive Blue
>Raphaela White
can mod/can copy/no trans

Please test DEMO before buying it.
(Because my prim is coarse yet ;_;)

I always thank you.


I watched a case of the American Virginia University in TV yesterday.
I do not understand what I should have said about it.
The pains that cannot escape from it throughout the life.
I cry or push the reality away... yeah, I cry a little now X(

A stronger heart is necessary for me.
But does peace visit you if I have a strong heart?

I pray them soul may rest in peace.
And so that their important people have a good day.
And to you who read here.
(I want to give you pleasure. But I may give you sorrow today.I'm sorry!)

-----For japanese----



Monthter has come

I can be really various this month. ISL and IRL.

Japan is spring now.
Various encounters and parting come over every year for my spring.
I am weak in spring X)
( I love summer!)

-------> about IRL...

The family had a big problem this month.
I change a house this month.

I must change work this month.
I said good-bye to a lover this month.
...This month...This month...month...

Ooh! Is English of "month" brother of English of "monster"?

wow!! This is my new English :D
You may use this new English... Are not you necessary? OK I know X)

These do not have relevance.
these events in the generated totally just same time.

And...I got Acoustic-Electric Guitar today ;)
I am lucky.

-----> about ISL...
Participation to three plans. This is almost a secret :D
and I made clothes for the first time today.
yeah...This was totally bad. Therefore I cannot show you. ( >3<)=3

And I made hair yesterday.
Mmm. Long hair for men is difficult.
There may be my this month to practice it.
About a new work, please wait a little more :)

A good day visit all people.

-----For japanese----


My shop

This is existence... This is not existence...
There are these on the same line.
This is one of the words in Pajna-para-mita sutra.
When writes it in Japanese,"般若心経"

I broke a shop.
I loved ghetto shop of Noam.
But, articles increased and were not able to put it in ghetto shop.

It is not his ghetto shop that I broke.
I cannot break a genuine ghetto shop because I respect him.
and Because I become sad.
Maybe I am weak X)

And the prim is decreased.
I freed an article forth. This is not favorite ways.
I have to think after... :)

And I put a pillow of pillow talk here.

These are really cute.

If you come to my shop, please love this white cat :D

Surely you can feel gentle.

By the way...The today's clothes which I wear are work of SiniStyle.

jacket...This call name is Foody?Hoody?...mmm I am poor!blush X)

and a glove and boots.

About a glove, I bought different colors X) so really cool! I love this SiniStyle.

And boots have a cool secret... hehe

Next New stuff plans a belt and hair.

Have a good time everyone ^.^ and enjoy SL & RL!

I still enjoying SL :3

I'm playing with anime avatar. My avatar has been mechanical and devilish from a long time ago. so Anime avatar will fit it. Recen...